Greg will be will conducting 4 Hand Labs (3 hours each) at Indigo Sky Casino on Wednesday March 4th at Noon and 3:30 pm and on Thursday March 5th at Noon and 3:30 pm. Seating is limited...sign up today. The cost is $250 per session. You can choose your session and purchase you ticket by clicking the appropriate Buy Now button at the right.

     Hands will be dealt out by Greg and played out by the participants as if they were in a live tournament. At the end of each hand the players will show their cards and Greg will analyze their play and teach them how they could have played the hand better. The players will learn how to think like a pro. This is the most valuable and effective type of training there is. And there is no better teacher than Greg Raymer.

Indigo Sky - Wyandotte, OK

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Wed. 3/4 - Noon

Wed. 3/4 - 3:30

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Thur. 3/5 - Noon

Thur. 3/5 - 3:30